Monday, December 17, 2012

Got Sit in The Newest Beetle

 I went to a VW car show that was hosted by VW in Salt Lake. It was smart thinking, got a lot of people to check out the newer VW's. I went over to a Beetle they had on display, and I was impressed. It was a very nice car, comfy to sit in and it felt well designed. Didn't get to test drive it but hey someday. It is a very well redesigned beetle. I like the original New Beetle, as well but this hits a different audience.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My First Post on the Modern Veedub Site

In order to kick start my new blog I thought I would post this video I did last April. It was for a digital media class I took. The whole point of the assignment was to make a car commercial for some car, any car we wanted. Naturally, being excited about the recent release of the 21st century Beetle, I picked the new beetle. I really do like the sporty redesign, looks sharp. Anyway please enjoy this video and comment below!